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Reporting & Analytics

While technology can facilitate data collection and access, healthcare organizations also need the ability to transform that data into meaningful information that helps them drive their business. HCS enables you to do just that with the HCS Interactant Insight module.

This dynamic module contains dedicated reporting and analytics software that provides a global view of business operations and data visualization through easily accessible reports and graphs. Insight is an easy-to-use interface that summarizes and presents your data in formats that enable you to interpret and understand it – at a glance.

Driving Your Business With Data

A key component of Insight is roll-up reporting of relevant data from across your organization that’s fed by Interactant’s various functional modules into a centralized database. The result? Meaningful and customizable views of operational and EMR data enables you to evaluate trends and make timely business and clinical decisions. Tabular and interactive graphs as well as standard and customizable reports offer views of your data by facility, facility groups, or corporate level.

At A Glance

The Interactant Insight module provides you and your staff with multiple data views to facilitate trending and analytics and to support powerful reporting and informed decision-making:

Insight Reporting

✓ Easily select data sort – including drill-down – into the aggregated data to analyze trends or extract patterns to assist in making proactive, data-driven decisions
✓ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be defined by columns for a visual alert to negative or positive conditions
✓ Export data to Excel or CSV formats
✓ View interactive charts in pie chart or bar format
✓ Easily add or remove data elements
✓ Define data sets from the legend for decision-making from a visual perspective
✓ A “favorites” tab allows definition of custom sorts and KPIs that are accessible for future reference

Insight Analytics

✓ Provides a powerful, valuable data analytics extraction utility
✓ Extract data from predefined data sets of key fields
✓ Filter records based on user-defined criteria
✓ Export data to Excel or CSV files
✓ Save results as a “favorite” for future reference

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