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Senior Living

EMR and Clinical Modules

Improving resident care transitions and reducing re-hospitalization percentages are important aspects of long-term care, which providers need to address. HCS recognizes the unique challenges of long-term care, and has tailored the capabilities of our HCS Interactant EMR module to assist long-term care providers in lowering readmissions and ensuring the unified management of residents as they transition through the spectrum of care.

Managing The Complete Life Cycle Of The Resident

Integrated clinical components in the Interactant EMR module support the full lifecycle management of your long-term care residents – from referral to admission to determining medical necessity to offsite ancillary services to discharge. You can leverage the advantages of Interactant clinical modules across your organization’s facilities, levels of care, and departments. The platform's centralized information, embedded decision support tools and data-driven analytics, and prompts and alerts enable you to:

    • ✓ Streamline workflow
      • ✓ Connect clinicians, financial staff, and executive management with access to real-time, comprehensive data
      • ✓ Enhance interdisciplinary team communication
      • ✓ Establish operational efficiencies and cost-savings
      • ✓ Facilitate management of regulatory and policy compliance
      • ✓ Improve resident care delivery and outcomes
      • ✓ Deliver safer care

At A Glance

Specific clinical capabilities of the Interactant EMR module support long-term care providers across the spectrum of post-acute clinical care including independent living, assisted living, CCRCs, and skilled nursing facilities (SNF):

"It is a win-win proposition for facilities to refocus their energy and effort to reduce re-hospitalizations. The good news is that the technology has improved significantly, making this task easier."

Carrie O’Connell, RN, Executive Vice President of Clinical Applications.

    • ✓ Alerts and Prompts
      ✓ Organizational-defined workflows
      ✓ Infection Control
      ✓ Intake Referral Management
      ✓ Feeds admissions automatically
      ✓ Integrated Census and ADT functionality
      ✓ Locates residents quickly and accurately
      ✓ Interoperability beyond ADT transactions
      ✓ Improves care transitions and ACO relationships
      ✓ Service Plans (Assisted Living)
      And more…

    Need additional functionality? Interactant can facilitate all aspects of your organization’s healthcare with specialized modules for revenue cycle management, financial management, secure remote access, and reporting and analytics.

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