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Long-Term Acute Care Hospital

LTACH Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

High acuity and medically complex patients require focused, specialized care which involves an interdisciplinary team approach. HCS understands these challenges and has developed electronic medical records in the Interactant EMR module to facilitate the treatment and effective coordination of this complicated care – as well as meet the new quality measure reporting requirements to avoid reductions in Medicare payments.

Opening The Lines Of Communication and Access

Interactant EMR integrates the clinical expertise and information of your LTACH interdisciplinary team with access to real-time, centralized information for improved decision-making and patient care. Interdisciplinary team best-practice protocols are incorporated into the Interactant platform – allowing your clinical staff to plan appropriate interventions in patients with comorbidities and/or dual diagnoses. Interactant’s alerts, signals, prompts, and reminders aid in the coordination of evidence-based practices. Care becomes safer, more cost-efficient, and better coordinated through the identification, prioritization, and warnings of potential risks – available to pertinent staff across your facility. Real-time access to the comprehensive information in Interactant enables your organization to lower the probability, frequency, and severity of potential events proactively – which translates to:

      • ✓ Fewer hospital readmissions
      • ✓ Lower infection rates from central lines and/or Foley catheters
      • ✓ Closer monitoring and evaluation of your wound-care management program

Interactant EMR clinical modules also provide important measurement reporting for internal proactive process improvements and for meeting reporting requirements as outlined by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and other regulatory agencies.

At A Glance

Interactant clinical modules deliver features that support your specific LTACH organization needs – driving standardization, accommodating single point-of-data entry, and supporting medical necessity with:

✓ Evidence-based order sets
✓ Patient-specific problem-driven treatment plans
✓ Real-time picture alerts

Extending your capabilities beyond Interactant’s clinical functionality is easy, with its integrated modules for revenue cycle management, financial management, remote access, and reporting and analytics.

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