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Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health EMR Module

From information access to client-centric assessments and treatment plans – behavioral and mental healthcare providers have unique requirements when it comes to an electronic medical records program. HCS Interactant EMR module is a behavioral health EMR that has broad-reaching clinical functionality that supports the spectrum of behavioral health services – including inpatient, outpatient, and residential programs – and can be deployed in a variety of behavioral and mental healthcare settings.

Customizing System Content and Access

The flexibility of the Interactant EMR module for behavioral and mental healthcare providers is evident, beginning with its comprehensive suite of interoperable clinical modules that allow you to choose the functionality you need to fit your specific needs. As you drill deeper, you have the opportunity to tune the system even more finely to your own processes.

Clinical tools, including assessments, forms, templates, and workflows are user-defined within the master files of the Interactant EMR module clinical modules. Information access can be customized as well.

Interactant supports secure, role-based user access to the comprehensive information that resides in its system. Access is granted to specified information, reports, and modules based on user authority, and can be assigned by facility, group of facilities, or the entire organization.

At A Glance

Point-of-care data captured in Interactant’s centralized information repository virtually eliminates redundant data entry and translates to real-time data availability and more accurate and comprehensive data – which leads to improved decision-making and care.

Since all Interactant modules are supported by a centralized database repository, your authorized users can also access relevant information that is captured in Interactant’s revenue cycle management, financial management, and reporting and analytics modules – if you are utilizing them in addition to the Interactant clinical modules. A web-based platform, Interactant also enables secure mobile access for authorized users to modules and data.

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