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Electronic Medical Records

EMR Clinical Software

Having the Right EMR Matters

Better Information Leads To Improved Care, Better Decisions

Government healthcare initiatives are driving the move from paper-based to an electronic medical records program (EMR) with the objective to improve the quality and safety of care. Medical records technology offers healthcare organizations many benefits over paper, including more accurate and comprehensive information – and lower costs.

HCS facilitates your transition from paper to electronic medical records software with the HCS Interactant EMR module. The module’s multiple clinical components deliver a broad range of functionality to ease the documentation burden, reduce medical errors, and promote quality outcomes.

An electronic medical records solution allows you to maintain more accurate and comprehensive medical information – resulting in improved care and better, faster decisions. The automation of error-prone manual processes streamlines workflows, increases productivity, and saves time and money. But Interactant offers even more than that.

Added Benefits

As a clinical information system, Interactant extends functionality and benefits beyond basic EMR – including computerized physician order entry (CPOE), online medication administration records, and pharmacy.

These added benefits include:

        • ✓ Better coordinated care across disciplines
          ✓ Verification of medications and dosages for accurate dispensing
          ✓ Automatic alerts for potentially dangerous drug interactions
          ✓ Real-time web and mobile access to medical information for authorized staff

A Solution Customized to Your Organization

Most importantly, because the Interactant EMR module is made up of multiple, interoperable clinical components, it’s easy to select only the functionality you require – customizing your solution by choosing components that provide the capabilities that fit your facility’s specific needs.

Interactant supports the specific clinical requirements of facilities across the spectrum of care, including: Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals (LTACH)Senior LivingBehavioral Health

At A Glance

Clinical information systems offer a more comprehensive solution for healthcare organizations than standard electronic medical records software, and Interactant is no exception. The integrated, multiple clinical module structure of its EMR module assists you in ensuring quality healthcare with the customized functionality you need. The clinical features in the Interactant EMR module include:

    ✓ ADL Point-of-Care touch screen capture
    ✓ Alerts and Organizational-Defined Workflows
    ✓ Assessment tools (User-Defined)
    ✓ Care plans
    ✓ Clinical Data Repository across all levels of care
    ✓ Continuity of Care Document (CCD) standard data exchange interface
    ✓ Education
    ✓ Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR)
    ✓ Electronic Treatment Authorization Record (eTAR)
    • ✓ ePrescribe
    ✓ Health information management
    ✓ Incident and Accident
    ✓ Intake and Output
    ✓ MDS
    ✓ Multidisciplinary narratives and progress Notes
    ✓ Order entry with interaction checking/(CPOE)
    ✓ Pharmacy integration
    ✓ Physician access – web and mobile
    ✓ Quality assurance/improvement
    ✓ RUG billing and EMR for consistent data entry and RUG optimization
    ✓ Reporting
    ✓ Automated 24-hour reporting
    ✓ Results reporting with graphing
    ✓ Outcomes reporting
    ✓ Scheduling
    ✓ Vital signs
    ✓ Work lists


Additional Interactant modules provide integrated, specialized functionality that supports your organization’s needs for revenue cycle management, financial management, mobile remote access, and reporting and analytics.

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