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Intuitive and easy to use, the Interactant healthcare software platform is comprised of five modules and delivers comprehensive, end-to-end support for the operational and clinical aspects of your organization’s healthcare management:

Within the five modules, Interactant’s multiple web-based modules automate and streamline your workflow with a broad range of powerful, interoperable functionality – from electronic medical records technology (EMR) to reimbursement software – all on a single platform for a seamless user experience.

You can implement Interactant at your own pace and design, with user-defined assessment tools that enable you to choose and customize forms, reports, and assessments, and introduce a module or advanced functionality in phases – for a completely integrated and customized solution that truly fits your organization’s unique requirements.

In the Interactant platform, which utilizes relational database technology, information from the EMR module’s clinical component is entered once at the point of care and available to all authorized disciplines and staff. Data collected from other Interactant modules – such as financial or reimbursement details – is available in the same centralized database, and can be accessed or edited as well. Interactant’s real-time access to your comprehensive, centralized information assists in:

✓ More effective decision-making and care planning
✓ Streamlined workflows
✓ Improved interdisciplinary team communication and coordination
✓ Safer care
✓ Cost and time efficiencies
✓ Effective, customized reporting

The Interactant healthcare software is web-based, which provides convenient, secure access – anywhere, any time – for authorized users through an Internet connection. The Interactant Mobile module enables remote access through mobile devices including netbooks, smartphones, and tablets. Interactant exchanges data via standard Health Information Exchange (HIE) interfaces including Continuity of Care Document (CCD) and Health Level Seven (HL7).

Built on Proven Hardware

Interactant utilizes industry-leading hardware and middleware from IBM. IBM Power Servers are designed for data and offer businesses the ultimate in resiliency, availability, security, and performance. The reliability of the architecture is unsurpassed due to the high level of integration of the operating system and middleware.  Using IBM WebSphere Application Server Express, Apache HTTP Server, and DB2 middleware, Interactant functionality is seamlessly accessed via browser.

HCS is an IBM Registered Business Partner. Membership in this program signifies that IBM has evaluated Interactant Software, financial stability, and client base and decided that HCS is an outstanding provider of software solutions for healthcare providers. The IBM Registered Business Partnership is a national marketing agreement that combines the talents of two industry leaders, IBM and HCS, to present the best possible solutions to their customers.

As a Registered Business Partner, HCS is given early access to new developments by IBM, as well as marketing, technical and support resources, training and certification, and products and technologies.

Ensuring your Success

Interactant is a healthcare software solution that meets the government’s meaningful use requirements, and goes a step further to automate and integrate the healthcare-related processes across your organization – promoting time- and cost-efficiencies and benefits that result in a better quality of care. HCS ensures your success with the Interactant® healthcare software system with our full implementation, training, and ongoing support services.

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