One of the most important factors in an organization’s acceptance and use of a new technology is training, and your healthcare information platform is no exception. HCS’s comprehensive training services provide your staff with a solid understanding of the capabilities and functionality of your HCS Interactant platform.

A critical element of our end-to-end services, HCS training facilitates and speeds the adoption and proper use of your platform. Ultimately, this education ensures the achievement of the platform’s compelling benefits – including streamlined workflow, improved communication, real-time access to centralized information, and improved quality of care.

At A Glance

HCS's training services is an important supplement to our implementation and support services and provides your users with a working knowledge of the details and effective use of your HCS Interactant platform. Your organization’s training plan is developed jointly with HCS according to your implementation requirements and timeframes.

"In the many years I have been working with IT training, this experience ranks as one of the best yet."

Mark A. Davis, Director of Information Systems & Communications, Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital

  • ✓ HCS utilizes a train‑the‑trainer approach and assists with end-user training
    ✓ Any number of your employees can be trained as client trainers with unlimited training days
    ✓ Online training manuals and templates are designed according to your policies and procedures
    ✓ Full online training documentation is provided
  • Training is provided at your convenience and timing by highly experienced Interactant training specialists:
  • ✓ A complete interactive test system incorporates platform enhancements and modifications for refresher training opportunities
    ✓ Onsite at your facility
    ✓ At the HCS corporate office
    ✓ Online via the Internet
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