About the Hosts

Eileen Villa Fontana
Director, Clinical Informatics
Mitch Morgan 
Sales Director, HCS 


Eileen claims that her children have not listened to her in years but when she talks about making health care safer and smarter through health IT, people listen! Eileen has degrees from Rutgers College and Johns Hopkins University and over 25 years in professional healthcare experience from rural villages as a Peace Corps Volunteer to major medical institutions. 

As Sales Director, Mitch leads all sales strategy and efforts for HCS.  Mitch leverages his  10 years  of HIT experience  in educating  healthcare providers on how best to adapt to the ongoing changes in healthcare. Mitch is passionate about healthcare and received his MBA in Healthcare Administration from Monmouth University.

On-demand Webinar: 

Reining in Meds and Adopting an EMR Strategy in Behavioral Health

In this informative webinar, you'll learn how Interactant EMR can help keep clinical staff more organized and transform care to make it safer and more efficient in behavioral health settings. This webinar will make you see information technology for behavioral health in a whole new light: patients are the focus and caregivers use intelligent data, agile rules and intuitive alerts to provide safer and more efficient care!

View now to see Interactant EMR in action and how it will help your organization. This webinar is a must see for care givers and clinical managers supporting inpatient behavioral health.

You'll learn about:

  • Intuitive worklists and alerts - Manage worklists to more easily know what to do, what to see and what to follow up on.
  • Medication prompts including first dose monitoring, prn effectiveness and medications not charted.
  • Order entry safety and speed tools.
  • Intelligent tools for charting.
  • Real time analytics for what matters most.
Watch Now

Watch Now

Helping You, Help Others

Behavioral health organizations have a dedicated focus on improving the lives of clients through a variety of programs. Providers must rely on the efficacy of their behavioral health software for quality care and to meet increasing demands for regulatory compliance, reimbursement and a well-managed organization. HCS Interactant supports behavioral health providers along the spectrum of care, integrating and streamlining the specialized capabilities of revenue cycle management, financial management, EMR and reporting & analytics - all on a single platform.

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