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LTCH CARE Data Set Solution | Health Care Software
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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Quality Reporting Initiative requires that long-term care hospitals provide quality data related to patient care, as outlined in the LTCH CARE Data Set. The failure of an LTACH to submit required quality data will result in a 2% reimbursement reduction. It is crucial, therefore, for LTACHs to have a healthcare IT partner that can supply the experience, technology, and support needed to ensure compliance – and maximize reimbursement.

HCS is that partner.

One of the leading healthcare software providers for LTACHs, HCS fully understands and is proactive with regulatory requirements and reimbursement model changes specific to the LTACH market. Our easy-to-use SaaS solution facilitates this new data collection process for you – automating the LTCH CARE Data Set and submission – and enabling accurate, timely, and rapid completion of this important reporting requirement.

More Than Just Automation

For 15 years, HCS has automated CMS item sets for our post-acute care clients. We’ve leveraged our experience and deep expertise to design and develop an intuitive and flexible module that eases staff burden and ensures compliance with several key features:

  • Functionality– The HCS LTCH CARE Data Set is designed to be used as a standalone solution, but also can be integrated with the HCS Interactant Census, Revenue Cycle Management, and EMR modules. When integrated, all pertinent information captured in the other modules is available to the HCS LTCH CARE Data Set to provide greater accuracy, ease of use, and back-up documentation.
  • Interfacing– HCS has extensive experience in creating and supporting interfaces to third-party applications using the HL7 standard Health Information Exchange (HIE) interface. The ability to share patient information eliminates redundant entry and the burdensome task of entering information that has been captured previously.
  • Technology– As a web-based SaaS model, all you need is a secure connection from an Internet browser or mobile device to access the module, while facility-specific and patient data remains secure in a HIPAA-compliant SAS 70 data center.
  • Support – HCS is proactive in providing any changes to the HCS LTCH CARE Data Set as the Quality Reporting Initiative continues to evolve.

Partnering for Compliance

The HCS LTCH CARE Data Set solution ensures compliance through our scheduling capabilities, provides additional analytics for quality programs with exclusive robust reporting, and includes:

  • User access to a secure hosted application
  • Complete LTCH CARE Data Set
  • CMS-compliant data submission file
  • Standard reporting package
  • Custom reporting via included data hub module
  • End-User and Administrative Training
  • Optional HL7 ADT Interface
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