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Behavioral Health

Helping You, Help Others 

Behavioral healthcare organizations have a dedicated focus on improving the lives of consumers/clients through a variety of programs. Providers must rely on the efficacy of their behavioral health software for quality care and to meet the increasing demands for regulatory compliance, reimbursement, and a well-managed organization.

HCS Interactant supports behavioral healthcare providers along the spectrum of care, integrating and streamlining the specialized capabilities of revenue cycle management, financial management, EMR, and reporting and analytics – all on a single platform.

A Positive Impact On Quality Of Care

HCS supports some of the largest behavioral and human services organizations in the nation. We understand the challenges behavioral healthcare providers face for clinical documentation and billing, and have proven how investment in technology can have a positive impact on quality of care, productivity, and revenue. Interactant supports all aspects of behavioral healthcare, including inpatient, outpatient, and residential programs with features that include:

    • ✓ Real-time data access for multiple levels of authorized staff for improved decision-making
    • ✓ Automated and streamlined workflow
    • ✓ Multi-site facility reporting
    • ✓ Intake
    • ✓ Scheduling
    • ✓ Clinical documentation with built-in alerts
    • ✓ Electronic claims, eligibility, and payment processing
    • ✓ Automatic billing for all services eliminates paper, reduces errors
    • ✓ Lab interfaces
  • ✓ Master treatment plans
  • ✓ Accountability flow sheet
  • ✓ IDT/Shift change report
  • ✓ Group notes
  • ✓ Incidents & accidents
  • ✓ Quality measures - HBIPS reporting
  • ✓ ePrescribing


Software Solutions That Drive Success

Our Interactant behavioral health platform is an invaluable tool that brings your authorized clinical, financial, and administrative staffs together with immediate access to centralized information. It also provides streamlined workflow and improves interdisciplinary team communication and collaboration. Through the identification, prioritization, and warnings of potential risks to pertinent staff across the organization, your care becomes safer, more cost efficient, and better coordinated.

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