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HCS Commits to ONC Interoperability Pledge - Health Care Software Solutions
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As recently noted by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), HCS has signed the ONC Interoperability Pledge. This is something we at HCS believe in and are proud to be a part of. Our full pledge is below.

We, Health Care Software, Inc. (HCS), share the principle that to achieve an open, connected care for our communities, we all have the responsibility to take action. To further these goals, we commit to the following principles to advance interoperability among health information systems enabling free movement of data, which are foundational to the success of delivery system reform.

  • Consumer Access: To help consumers easily and securely access their electronic health information, direct it to any desired location, learn how their information can be shared and used, and be assured that this information will be effectively and safely used to benefit their health and that of their community.
  • No Blocking/Transparency: To help providers share individuals’ health information for care with other providers and their patients whenever permitted by law, and not block electronic health information (defined as knowingly and unreasonably interfering with information sharing).
  • Standards: Implement federally recognized, national interoperability standards, policies, guidance, and practices for electronic health information, and adopt best practices including those related to privacy and security.


To implement these commitments:

HCS will continue to develop patient-centric solutions that support the above principles, and remain committed to a strategy and developing technology that supports the Interoperability Roadmap.

HCS is committed to providing the tools within our EMR to enable providers and healthcare organizations to share individual’s health information without interference.

HCS is committed to implementation of standards recognized by the ONC as well as exploring innovative standards that serve to enhance interoperability throughout the healthcare community. HCS is committed to the adoption of best practices regarding usability, privacy, and security, which serve to enable broader adoption and secure and safe exchange of information.

Thomas J. Fahey

President & CEO

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