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ArchCare Optimizes Revenue Cycle & Financial Management with HCS

ArchCare Optimizes Revenue Cycle and Financial Management with HCS

HCS provides multi-site long-term care provider with streamlined solution to effectively manage business processes



ArchCare, the continuing care community of the Archdiocese of New York, went through an exercise to consolidate its operations in order to reduce costs and standardize processes across the organization with IT being the first to get centralized. The company manages six facilities across the state of New York and was looking for a solution to streamline all census, billing, accounts receivable, administration and financial functions.

Through research and review of many vendors, the company knew it needed a proven platform for revenue cycle management and financial reporting across all its facilities. ArchCare ultimately selected HCS' Interactant platform to deploy across its organization.

"In selecting HCS, having a solution that was flexible and user friendly for reporting, while allowing us to operate more efficiently and effectively throughout the revenue cycle were the most important factors when making our decision to transition to a new solution," said Mitze Amoroso, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of ArchCare. "We were also very impressed with their customer support structure, implementation and training process that they presented and ultimately acted on."


After using a legacy system for over 15 years, trying to keep up with evolving billing and compliance regulations was becoming a challenge for them. ArchCare faced the question of how it could improve operational efficiency while ensuring compliance across its facilities going forward.After going through a full, formal RFP process, the organization decided to move forward with HCS. With the largest facility having 759 beds, HCS was tasked with transitioning each location from its legacy system to a new platform without any disruptions in service.


Managing multiple facilities is a complex and challenging undertaking. HCS worked diligently with the company to create a detailed project plan that involved conversion, information gathering, testing, and training of all facility-based users. It was critical to make sure all existing data was captured correctly and imported into the HCS platform without loss of information, so operations would carry on with business as usual.

The HCS platform architecture is specifically built to ease the burden of facility consolidation and management for those organizations with geographically distributed operations. Using a centralized database, organizations benefit from real time roll-up and facility-based rules for entry and access to information. Using this structure, the addition of newly acquired locations is simply a matter of facility set up and user training.

"The HCS team implemented its software and trained staff facility by facility and was fully operational across all facilities in under a year. Once we were able to get all of the payer plans properly set up, everything was running seamlessly. Most importantly, as there are revisions to state and federal regulations, the flexibility of HCS allows us to adapt faster than other organizations," added Amoroso.


HCS revenue cycle management and financial management has helped ArchCare automate and administer processes for resident trust, general ledger, billing, accounts receivable and accounts payable across its New York facilities. Interactant RCM's contract management and rules engine takes into account for regulations and variables. Staff now enters contract variables once, submit claims, and works only on exceptions and proactive follow up. Payor rates are maintained at the charge level, which allows the ArchCare team to get real-time visibility into net revenue value.

"Change is always hard. But now looking back, myself and the IT staff of ArchCare can say that HCS offers the best services and reporting with the most intuitive healthcare software to use. To add, customer support from HCS is by far the best support model in the industry," Amoroso continued.

By transitioning away from their legacy system, ArchCare now has a standardized and centralized solution in place leading to reduced costs and greater efficiency. They've seen improvements across several areas such as; increased clean claim rates, a reduction in A/R days, lowered bad debt, and decrease their cost to collect. As a result, they are able to collect payments faster and have improved cash flow for their organization.

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