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Healthcare Financial Systems

Healthier Business Operations

As a care provider, naturally you are focused on the quality of care that you deliver. But general ledger, accounts payable, payroll, and materials and facilities management are important aspects of your business, too. HCS delivers comprehensive support for essential business management functions with the HCS Interactant Financial module – a healthcare financial system that is integrated with Interactant’s Revenue Cycle, EMR, Mobile, and Insight Reporting and Analytics modules to deliver a seamless technology solution for your entire organization.

Multi-Site Business Management Support


Designed for multi-site organizations, Interactant’s healthcare financial software delivers a variety of capabilities that automate business functions and streamline your departmental workflow and multi-facility consolidation:

✓ Enterprise-wide financial reporting
✓ Departmental budgeting
✓ Seamlessly integrated with the Interactant EMR module’s clinical components
✓ Automated payroll processing
✓ Materials and facilities management
✓ Fully integrated census/ADT functionality

A single database supports all modules, which allows authorized users access to real-time data, and promotes proactive decision-making and trend analysis.

At A Glance


Interactant’s dedicated healthcare financial modules support vital business-management functions across departments:

General Ledger - Provides a flexible definition of accounts with postings from all modules in real time. Both monetary and statistical information create a foundation for analysis and budgeting.

Accounts Payable - Supports vendor information, invoicing, payment, and purchasing. This powerful tool is integrated with materials management and the purchase order process to deliver outstanding efficiency in supply management, payments, and invoices.

Human Resources/Payroll - Delivers an integrated approach to managing staff and payroll. The human resources component supports staff demographics including licensing, history, and incident information. The payroll component supports complex pay rules, deductions, float schedules, and the generation and submittal of W2 information.

Materials Management - Automates inventory control, par levels, and stock requisitions for accuracy and control of organization-wide purchases. Supplies can be charged using barcode technology, which automates the reordering process as necessary.

Facilities Management - Enables you to track equipment maintenance requests and equipment information such as type, location, acquisition date, expected life, frequency of maintenance, and the person responsible for performing the maintenance.


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