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Healthcare Information System Software

When there is an issue or a request…HCS makes it happen.

Cindy Kaiser, Corporate Director of Revenue Cycle Management, JFK Health System

Healthcare information systems enable organizations to deliver improved quality of care as well as manage healthcare costs. But how do you find the right technology solution – and make it work for you?

HCS makes it easy. We deliver a fully integrated healthcare information system – and specialized end-to-end services – to get you up and running quickly with a customized solution that supports your care specialty, clinical and operational workflows, as well as your business and compliance requirements.

Extending Your Capabilities, Ensuring Your Success

When you partner with HCS, we ensure a worry-free transition to a healthcare information system that is tailored to your needs. Our skilled and experienced team of technical professionals extends your capabilities – and supports your HCS system for the full lifecycle, with dedicated services that include:

At A Glance

HCS Mission Statement

To provide comprehensive healthcare information system software solutions to meet the dynamic needs of diversified healthcare enterprises.

HCS’ deep expertise, more than 40 years of experience, and exclusive dedication to delivering innovative and effective healthcare information systems set our services apart from the rest:

  • Full implementation services – from planning and design to go-live – are provided exclusively by HCS employees
  • System and enhancements are customized to fit your care specialty, workflow, and your requirements for regulatory compliance
  • One on one customer relationships help to maximize your productivity and success
  • Dedicated U.S.-based account management support
  • 24/7 hotline support
  • Exclusive HCS client information webpage provides client-specific information including enhancements, account manager and contact information, FAQs, etc.
  • Ongoing R&D is dedicated to the continuous improvement of the flexibility, functionality, and efficiency of our healthcare information system software