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White Paper: Learn how to Reduce Rehospitalization Percentages and Improve Care Transitions


For LTC Providers

Your efforts as a long-term care provider are focused on improving “quality of life” for your residents, assisting in the physical, social, and medical aspects of their care. Yet, as an organization, you must also manage the day-to-day operations of that care – which can be a tangle of time-intensive manual processes, financial and insurance paperwork, and regulations.

HCS offers long-term care providers a way to manage operations and clinical information effectively and efficiently – freeing critical resources to attend to resident needs. Our intuitive, web-based HCS Interactant long-term care system supports the spectrum of care, and integrates and streamlines the specialized elements of revenue cycle management, financial management, EMR, and reporting and analysis capabilities on a single platform.

Achieving a Critical Balance

Long-term care providers are realizing that their adoption of healthcare technology can help them do more with less – an important advantage in today’s unsettled economy. The nation’s leading long-term care providers rely on HCS as their health IT partner because our long-term care systems help them address their clinical- and business-based priorities effectively:

  • Improve care transitions and reduce hospital readmission rates
  • Avoid reductions in Medicare payments
  • Assist with new payment delivery models (e.g., ACO)
  • Support interoperability with other software, systems, and information
  • Deliver MDS functionality

Experience the HCS Difference

Since 1969, HCS has been dedicated exclusively to the healthcare industry. We understand the unique long-term care environment in which you operate. Our solid client base allows us to understand, support, and be proactive as regulatory requirements – such as MDS and ICD-10 – and reimbursement models change.

The key to our long-term care system effectiveness is our integration that brings the essential components and functionality of multiple systems together on a single platform. Interactant supports independent living, assisted living, CCRC, and skilled nursing.