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Hospital Information Systems

For Hospital Providers

Patients admitted into acute care hospitals present with complex medical issues. While only the most critically ill remain in the hospital for more than a few days, balancing DRG reimbursement, EHR adoption, and focused care delivery are critical to your success. The challenge is to provide streamlined management across multiple disciplines in the most cost-effective and safest manner possible.

The HCS Interactant hospital information system offers providers an effective and efficient way to manage care-related functions across your organization. Unlike many hospital computer systems, Interactant offers interoperable functionality and broad capabilities that range from revenue cycle management, financial management, EMR, and reporting and analysis – all on a single platform.

Powerful Hospital Computer System Functionality

The Interactant integrated solution provides access to authorized clinical, financial, and administrative staffs to real-time, centralized information.

Interactant supports:

  • Interdisciplinary Team Access – Interactant’s centralized database repository allows your staff to leverage real-time data from multiple disciplines – enabling improved collaboration and clinical decision-making. Best practices are automated and improve outcomes cost-effectively.
  • Revenue Cycle Capture – From patient account creation to payment, Interactant automates the reimbursement process by improving staff workflow. By reducing the time necessary to perform contractual adjustments, bills are generated more quickly and accurately, and maximized to increase profitability.

The HCS Commitment

HCS understands that your hospital environment requires unique technology-based capabilities to enhance patient care – while lowering the costs of that care.

The integration of the Interactant hospital care system automates processes and functionality, as well as best practices to streamline workflows and communication. The system also provides real-time access to centralized, comprehensive patient information that transcends departments and disciplines to improve the safety and quality of your patient care.